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Someone has referred me to Eurotech, I was hesitant at first on coming because I am a widowed mom of 4 children and didn´t want to put my E350 in the hands of just anybody (outside the dealer) but after scheduling my first appointment my instincts told me that I had stumbled upon an honest and dependable shop! Coming to Eurotech was a true blessing! The reasonable Proces and Excellent Service! Rick is very pleasant and trustworthy! I know that when I bring my to Eurotech it is in good Trusted hands for all the services and care it needs!
The Eurotech Team is Awesome!
-Kaylin Jennings Knight (Stafford, VA)

Kaylin Jennings Knight, Stafford, VA

Experience: On the suggestion of a friend we started taking our 2005 E500 to Rick service and repairs over ten years ago. It was possibly the best advice we have ever taken. We have complete confidence that our car will be properly repaired and serviced. It´s comforting to have the nice folks at Eurotech to rely on.

We wouldn´t think of taking the Mercedes anywhere else for anything ranging routine maintenance to major repair.

Thanks, Kelli and Rick et al.

Dave & Sara Brooks

Happy day it was an acquaintance shared your name with us for servicing. Never have we had more personal, detailed, competent, and attractively proceed service AND advice for our two Volvos. My husband is no one to throw about compliments lightly, but the other day, as we were discussing our next vehicle purchase, he paid you, Kelly, and Eurotech the highest accolade. He said, he knew that his next car would be either a Volvo or Mercedes. The fact that he proclaimed that so definitively surprised me so that I asked him why he said that, and his response was because he would not consider leaving you as our service provider. I think that quite remarkable, that a service provider would drive a consumer’s decision as to which car to purchase. When someone earns such an accolade from my husband, you should know it, Rick. Thank you for the care you give to our cars, your advice, and counsel which has guided us in some important automotive decisions we´ve made for the feeling of safety we have driving our Volvos knowing you have been the man servicing them. You have earned your customer´s loyalty.

Susan & Herb Brown

Dear Rick,
When we first met you, just before you opened Eurotech, we knew we had found a gem. The service, repairs, and automotive advice you have given over the years has always been superb. Your work has been consistently dependable, always on time, and very competitively priced. Moreover, the peace of mind we have always felt in dealing with you and Kelli is priceless. As an added bonus, dealing with Eurotech has also made buying a new car so much easier for us – we now only buy Volvos and Mercedes because we know “Our Mechanic” can expertly care of them.
Eurotech Customers for Life,

Rick & Sue Stakem

We have been bringing our Volvo to rick for 10 years (and our former Volvo for about that long also). We have always been completely satisfied with the service we received at Eurotech. I know when I drop off my beloved Volvo we believe him! The best words I can use to describe Rick are honest and trustworthy. When I call Kelli for an appointment, or when Rick picks up the phone, they know who is and they know our car. It is wonderful to get that kind of personal attention.

Thank you, Rick and Kelly!

Maureen & Jeff Davidson

I want to thank you for taking excellent care of my car. Your attention to detail and service when checking out my car or providing repairs always make me feel safer and confident that you and your staff have the car in the very best running condition possible. Your customer service exceeds the standards of any auto service I have had any dealings with.

I first brought my car to you almost three years ago. I explained I was looking for someone to take care of my car like they would take care of their personal auto.

From the first, you and your staff have made me feel as though I am a very valued customer. Never have I questioned your advice or suggestion as to repair. You take the time to explain what your findings were and what you think would be the best for the car and for me. me. You always call and discuss any repair or parts that may be needed beyond the normal servicing before completing the work.

In fact, I appreciate the extensive research you did on more than one occasion getting me the information I needed.

I consider myself fortunate to have found you and will continue to be a customer. I will recommend Eurotech to others as often as I can because you are simply the best!

Rebecca Vento

I am a retired military pilot and commercial airline captain having flown Boeing and Airbus Aircraft. With the other 40 years of flying experience, trust me, I grew to be a picky pilot. I also accustomed to impeccable maintenance support for the aircraft I flew.

This brings me to ask you a rhetorical question, which I hope to answer:  How do you know how to choose an automobile technician? Answer: have mechanically inclined friends with classic cars they baby. Ask them for referrals. Then visit the repair shop, look at the floor, and ask to see the waste fluid containers. Ask to see the spare parts storage room. Ask to see the test equipment. Ask how much does it cost to change the water pump. Talk to those who are dropping off a car for repair. Have they have their car serviced here before and what kind of service was performed and what do they think of the technician? And if you have the forethought, have the shop perform some simple maintenance on your car before has a major breakdown.

What did I expect? The floor should be nearly spotless. The waste fluids should be properly cared for. If they were, would it not be reasonable to expect new fluids and parts to be treated even better? The storeroom should be neat and stocked with parts that are routinely replaced. Test equipment, computers, has gotten smaller over the years and more capable. Bulky old test equipment should make you wonder. I would also compare the cost of a water pump replacement. Find out what other customers think.

When I inspected the Eurotech Shops I was simply overwhelmed.  It looked like the best aircraft maintenance facility I had ever known, except they maintained automobiles. Tools returned to their proper locations, clean floors,

and a safe environment. The estimate for repair using a 25,000. mile second-hand engine, out the door, was less than half of the cost of a new engine block alone. I had a car hauled to Eurotech. However, I was certain this was going to require several return trips simply because no technician can pull everything out from under the hood, disassemble it, replace it, and still make it work the first time.

I was wrong. The word is impeccable. The car was perfect. But what really impressed me was all the interior trim pieces that were falling off the car were fixed without even asking. The cost was exactly as estimated.

Two final items. First, on more than one occasion I called Rick for advice. Each time I did not get advice, I got an education. So let this be a warning, Rick takes automobiles seriously and he loves his work. If you are not careful, he will share more automobile knowledge than you will ever need.  Second, ask him about how he got into the business, his racing background, and what qualifications had he achieved.

If you have questions, Rick is authorized to give you my phone number and I would be happy to provide additional details. But I di not think that is necessary, you’ll see.

Walter Bala

Dear Rick,
I want to express my appreciation to you for the very competent way you have cared for our 1996 Mercedes Benz. Until we found you we were frustrated Benz Owners. Our car had an ongoing problem with its computer system that only you could diagnose and repair.

Thank goodness we heard about your business from a friend. Since that fateful day, you were the only service garage that could “fix” our car. We have been privileged to have your garage service our Benz.

Over the years we have continued to receive the very best at reasonable fees.

Thank you for your expertise and distinguished service!

Gail Sztanko

Rick and Kelli:

To say that Eurotech performs outstanding service is, quite literally, a real understatement. I´ve had my (now — 16-year-old) 1993 Volvo 240 wagon serviced at  Eurotech ever since I bought it back in 2000. I´ve put 100K on the car since I got it, and it has never let down, thanks in no small part to the thoroughness of Rick McMullen and his team. Mechanical, electrical, you named: Eurotech can fix it. Heck, I even had them fix a broken trip odometer once.

I´m now moving to South Dakota, and I will really miss having the honest competent help of Eurotech.

If you live in the Fredericksburg/Stafford/King George are and drive a Volvo or Mercedes, you´d be well advised to get your vehicle serviced by rick and his team. The loaner vehicles have been a great help to me, too as I lived in King George.

Thanks, Rick! Well done!

Chuck Ellington


This is to thank you for all the assistance you gave me in getting my 1990 760 Turbo back in running condition. You have always provided the best and the most reliable technical service for our Volvo for over 12 years. Even though we lived up in Arlington, VA it was always better to get our car to your shop for excellent service. Now that we are in Florida, you still provide the best assistance even by telephone, and when I am finally stuck to correct a problem, you able to diagnose the issue and give me guidance to correct the problem. Everything is running fine.

Thank you again and again, you are the best!

Major Weber


Thank you for all of your customer services over the past 7 years.  Your commitment to your customers is beyond commendable; whether it is a routine oil change or a new transmission, your service is always reasonably priced, completed ina short period of time, and impeccably executed. I trust Eurotech for all of my automotive needs as a result of my experiences over the past 7 years and 2 cars purchased from Eurotech. I believe I would be hard-pressed to find another European auto service in the area with the same professionalism and reliability of Eurotech and I hope I never have to!

With Thanks,

Virginia King

I´d walk a mile for a Camel and I´d drive 100 miles to have Ricks and his teams service my car… not to mention the great customer service provided by Kelli…. The shop is always spotless and car questions are always answered in a professional and friendly manner. The is great comfort in having honest and diligent mechanics work on my Mercedes, plus an informative and friendly office administrator ( Kelli) advising me along the way….. nor to mention the safety I feel in purchasing a previously owned MB from Rick.

Henry Bliley, Reston, VA.

Rick is an extremely honest mechanic, which is rare in his industry. He tells you what the problems are without trying to confuse you with “mechanic talk”. I feel very lucky to have found this company and will not take my Mercedes to anyone else.

Elizabeth Smyth

My wife and I have been coming to Rick and Eurotech for over 10 years. The personal service, expertise, trust, and pricing keeps us coming back for both our vehicles.

Clarence and Betty Hamilton

Dear Rick, Kelli, and all of the Eurotech Team,

Thank you SO much for 15 years of wonderful car care. Having you take care of our 4 Volvos was one of the best things about living in Stafford, and we wish you could have moved with us! You are the best!

P.S. Rick-Jon’s 1988 Station Wagon is still going strong at 200,000 miles!

Don and Pam House

Worth The Drive!!!!

I first discovered Eurotech from a local newspaper ad. I have both purchased a car and had both cars services at Eurotech over the past nine years; Rick and Kalli are very professional and courteous. Their loaner cars assist people with tight schedules and allow Eurotech to not rush with the service. Their service prices are very competitive in the area. I´ll keep going back…. It´s worth the drive

Lynn, Kyng George, VA

The reason I drive a Volvo and a  Mercedes is because those are the cars that Eurotech services. I know that when I take my cars in for service not only will I get a great service but also that they will be honest. It is a great comfort to be able to trust someone in this world and you can trust Rick and his team at Eurotech.

Jani Hager, Fredericksburg, VA